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I Love Leathers Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

1. Is suede and leather the same?

Yes, leather is leather. It comes from the same source - animal skin. The care of each type is totally different. The care for each is explained in the leather repairs area.

2. Can I clean suede?

Yes, I Love Leathers has professional leather care in suede and leather. Look it up in the repairs area.

3. I'm to old to wear leather!

Leather can be meant for every one. I Love Leathers would love help you design all your leather needs.

4. Can I get a leather outfit that fits me?

Yes, I Love Leathers specializes in making you feel like a million bucks in something custom done just for you in leather.

5. Is there hope in my old jacket?

Yes, I Love Leathers custom cleans , conditions, and dyes any leather to restore its good looks it use to have. We do all our work by hand to restore its luster.

6. Is there any hope for my old fur?

Yes, I Love Leathers loves to work on fur. We clean, repair, reline, take off, shorten, and sometimes we even make something else for you out of your old fur.




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