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Hello everyone. My name is Amber. I am 18 years old, a viergo, Christian, and studing to get into vetrinary medicine. Which means that after this year I only got 7 more years!! Yea~! Like all of you, Adam Lambert has totally taken over my life. He is such an inspiration!! So check out my page and have a wonderful and Glam-tastic day!!

Adam Lambert Barbie:
So last summer I went to see Adam perform 3 times. At one of the tour dates, in Royal Oaks MI, I gave Adam a hand-made Barbie that I had made a few weeks earlier. The doll has jet black hair, painted nails, black leather jacket with spikes on the shoulder and chains hanging off the shoulder. The plants are black leather that is airbrushed with a matalic blue and silver, with some chains on them as well. Well, I gave the doll to Neil who gave it to Adam becuase Adam wasn't able to sign that night. I also talked to Mr. Green (Dancer) later that night who told me that Adam did get the doll and had snapped a few pictures with it before jumping in the shower. At a later tour date I got the chance to talk to Sasha. (Dancer, I call her Tiny Dancer). I asked her if she knew anything about the doll. (I wondered if Adam still had it). She remembered me and told me that he had it in the bus still. As you may have imagined I was over joyed. Since then I have made myself another doll, and have been working on one that is like his outfit for Voodoo. Almost got that one done!! :)

Seeing that I am a college student with 8 years of schooling to pay for I thought I'd make some more of these dolls for other Glambert's who want their own little Adam Lambert. If you are at all interested you can send me a message. If your interested I'd love to hand make you your own Adam doll, who comes with a handmade cane and microphone. Thanks so much for your time! Have a great day!!

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